Projects and grants

Projects and grants

Prof. MUDr. Jan Škrha, DrSc.
MSM 0021620807; 2005-2011: Metabolic, endocrine and genetic aspects of prevention, diagnostics and therapy of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and renovascular diseases (principle investigator)

principle coordinator of PRVOUK P25/LF1/2: Complications of metabolic diseases (2012-2016)

Prof. MUDr. Martin Haluzík, DrSc. – co-investigator
The influence of ghrelin and estrogens on metabolic syndrome in obese mouse females (principle investigator RNDr. B. Železná, CSc., VÚOCHB)
GAČR 303/09/0744

MUDr. Ivan Raška, Ph.D.
Bone metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus:role of receptor for advanced glycation endproducts (RAGE) and polymorphisms of its gene
IGA: NT 11335-6/2010

MUDr. K. Šimůnková, Ph.D.
– principle investigator, prof. MUDr. Václav Hána, CSc. and prof. MUDr. Michal Kršek, CSc. – co-investigators
Standardization of dynamic tests in hypocorticalism
IGA: NT 11 277

MUDr. Vít Zikán, Ph.D.
Bone mineral density,bone remodelation and body composition in patients with multiple sclerosis long-term treated by glucocorticoids:relationship to different genotypes of vitamin D receptor
IGA: NS10564-3/2009

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