Laboratory for Complex Research on New Biomarkers

Laboratory for Complex Research on New Biomarkers is focused on the study of new biochemical and molecular-genetic markers in a number of diseases and pathological conditions, especially in the field of: 

  • Cardiology - atherosclerosis, lipid metabolism disorders, hypertension
  • Nephrology - non-traditional markers of cardiovascular risk
  • Diabetology - diabetic complications markers
  • Oncology - tumor markers
  • Obstetrics - dynamics in physiological pregnancy markers and their changes in risk pregnancy
  • Neurology - selected antigens and antibodies in neurodegenerative diseases
  • New markers of oxidative stress and inflammation across medical specialties      

The latest methods and techniques of molecular biology, genetics, immunochemistry and other laboratory methods are used in research projects of our laboratory, including next generation sequencing (NGS). 

Routine tests include determination of carbohydrate-deficient transferin (%CDT), molecular genetic analysis of pulmonary hypertension (PH) and other special parameters. Further ensures receiving and storing of fluid samples within the Bank of Biological Material (BBM) 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.

Laboratory for Complex Research on New Biomarkers provides a central biological material intake for the Central Research Laboratories.

The laboratory collaborates on research projects with other departments of the General University Hospital and of The First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and with other centers and departments in Czech Republic as well as abroad. Staff of the laboratory is also involved in teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and other universities.