Who we are

Who we are and what we do

Institute of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics of the General University Hospital and of The First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague is an integrated  educational, research  and health care institution performing analyses in the fields of clinical biochemistry, haematology, microbiology, immunology and cytogenetics, involved in  teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students and participating in selected scientific research projects. The Institute has approximately 320 employees including 60 university or technical college graduates. The main laboratory part is situated in the main campus of General University Hospital in Prague - U Nemocnice 2, the educational and  research part is located in Katerinska Street 32.

Scope of Services and Capabilities

In the sphere of routine analyses, complex services are rendered including: analyses in general and  clinical chemistry, haematology, microbiology, immunology, cytogenetics , both in routine and statim modes. The Institute deals with a wide spectrum of routine and unique laboratory procedures  and is equipped with high-output analyzers for routine measurements and  with specific instruments for molecular diagnostics and research,  e.g. GC-MS, HPLC, gene sequenator, PCR, Metapher, MALDI-TOP etc.

In 1985 the National Reference Laboratory for Clinical Biochemistry of the Ministry of Health  of the Czech Republic was incorporated into the Institute. The Laboratory is charged with the supervision of interlaboratory quality control in clinical biochemistry for the whole Czech Republic. It introduces and develops reference materials and methods and serves the role of expertise  in the committed areas.

In the field of education the Institute is the single institution of The First Faculty of Medicine of  Charles University in Prague combining teaching of biochemistry, pathobiochemistry and clinical biochemistry for  the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th years of  medical studies. Its members  participate in a broad spectrum of lectures for bachelor courses as well and organize interdisciplinary courses of specific subjects for students of the Chemical Technological University in Prague (Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague)  in the specialization "biomedical engineering".

The  Institute plays also an important role in postgraduate scientific education  and more than 30 PhD students are working on  their theses in different areas of biochemistry, immunology and molecular biology.

The Institute participates also in  the qualification („specialization“) courses for medical doctors and in further education of non-medical graduates.

Concerning research, the members of the Institute are involved mainly in the  projects administered by Grant Agencies of the Czech Republic and participate also in other European and overseas international projects.The main reaserch topics are:  molecular mechanisms of metabolic diseases, immunochemistry, tumour markers, circulating tumour cells, coagulation pathways, redox and cell signalling, oxidative stress, neuropharmacology, cytogenetics, reproductive immunology and inflammatory pathways.

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