Education - introduction

Extensive pedagogical work consists mainly in teaching medical biochemistry with its pathobiochemical,clinical and diagnostic aspects in preclinical and clinical studies of general medicine. Comprehensive training of all medical aspects of biochemistry is enabled by the complex focus of our Institute. The main entity of the teaching are folowing subjects: Medical Biochemistry, Pathobiochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry. Curriculum include a wide range from physical, inorganic and organic chemistry to biochemistry and molecular biology. In addition, pathobiochemical mechanisms and issues of clinical biochemistry are taught.In the clinical part of the study, emphasis is placed on the indication and interpretation of laboratory data with the aim of training students for effective diagnostic ,(including differential diagnostic) based on the results of laboratory tests.


Institute is teaching following subjects within the undergraduate education of Master´s study programmes in the field of general medicine:

Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry 1,2 ;  Clinical Biochemistry; Pathobiochemistry

Within the Master´s study programmes dentistry following subjects are taught:

Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry 1,2 ;Medical Chemistry and Materials in Dental Medicine

In non-medical fields of undergraduate Bachelor´s study programme - Chemistry and Biochemistry is taught in the common base to branches: Physiotherapy, General nurse, Addictology and Nutritional therapy (both full time and part-time length of studies). In the follow-up Master´s study Clinical Biochemistry is taught in the field of Nursing anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive care. Since the academic year 2014/15 also for the field Intensive care as part-time length of studies.

Our institute provides a number of elective courses for students of our faculty and participants from other universities. Teaching is mainly in the form of seminars, currently increasing proportion of practical teaching. Eg. in the optional course in Sampling techniques - students have the opportunity (after venous blood collection training on modern phantoms) to draw blood from patients at the sampling center of General Hospital.

Institute is also involved in teaching for the external departments. For students of the first and second years of the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology in the Master's program with the fields "Bioanalytics and Clinical Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology” /and since  the academic year 2014/15 also field : " Forensic Analysis "/ -  following subjects are taught: Pathobiochemistry 1,2 ; Determination of analytes in medicine ; Concept of laboratory and diagnostic methods, Determination of analytes in medicine (two-weeks block of practical courses). Furthermore, the teachers are involved in the teaching of Chemistry in the Preparatory course for the study of medicine and teachers also collaborate in teaching with the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague.

The modern workplace, learning spaces including new multimedia tools in a newly renovated building (Kateřinská street No. 32) are utilized since October 2010. Up-to-date teaching support such as Wikilectures and E-learning portal are used. Further, the experience in the teaching are used from the completed a three-year project (supported of Ministry of Education) "Harmonization of teaching clinical biochemistry at the First Faculty of Medicine with undergraduate education in the EU". The Institute was also incorporated into the new educational project of Czech medical faculties "Clinical Biochemistry-innovative, interactive teaching using e-learning" (Ministry of Education, funded by EU under ESF). Texts were created for the future interactive textbook of Clinical Biochemistry for medical students. In this project, teachers preparing advanced teaching materials, useful for tablets and e-readers. In 2014, our department has received financial support from teaching project on the theme of (TO)II -IP.

Teachers of Institute are also involved in all forms of PhD studies. The teachers work as trainers of 21graduate students in the proper form of study and 38 students in the combined form of postgraduate study (in biochemistry and pathobiochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology, microbiology, molecular and cell biology, genetics and virology, immunology, physiology and pathophysiology) in the academic year 2014/15.

Departments are also part of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry of Postgraduate Medical School and provides postgraduate education -specialization. The Institute is accredited to teach physicians and medical technicians in clinical biochemistry, medical microbiology as well as to teach clinical bioanalysis . Since the academic year 2012/13 provides Institute Clinical Biochemistry specialization courses for attestation preparation. The Institute's staff also teach in courses and training events organized by Prague First Faculty of Medicine, Postgraduate Medical School in Prague and Brno NCO NZO.

The Institute is also involved in lifelong learning. In accordance with the Order of Lifelong Education, Charles University in Prague, our teachers are taking part in the courses of Theoretical Basis of Medicine, organized by First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague.

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