Lectures and posters

Actual view on diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus
Postgraduate course, internal medicine, 14.6.2012, Praha
Author: prof. Jan Škrha

Endocrine disorders and diabetes mellitus
47. Jahrestagung der DDG, Stuttgart, 18.-19. 5. 2012
Author: prof. Jan Škrha

Insulinoma 2012 – 30 year experience with diagnosis and treatment
27th Symposium of FID of Diabetes mellitus, Budapest, 28.-30.6.2012
Author: prof. Jan Škrha

Oxidative stress and caloric restriction
IFCC Congress, Berlin 2011
Author: prof. Jan Škrha

Determination of catecholamines by HPLC
Conference with company Radanal, „Pardubice,
Author: A. Vránková

Determination of plasma metanephrines by HPLC
Conference in Pardubice, 2012
Author: A. Vránková


Comparison of the results of HPLC methods for determination of metanephrine and normetanephrine from urine and blood plasma considering the diagnosis of tumor pheochromocytoma

European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascul.Disease, London, 26.-29.4.2012
Author: A. Vránková et al

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