Parasitological laboratory


We provide comprehensive parasitological examinations of our patients, foreigners, returnees from tropical and subtropical areas. We perform microscopic and culture examinations, including tests for blood parasites. We focus on vaginal parasites (MOP -modified classification of vaginal infections by Nugent and Donders , cultivation of Trichomonas vaginalis and yeast microorganisms) ; examination of urethral secretions and urine sediment ; parasitological examination of faeces for intestinal protozoa and helminths (live cell microscopy , concentration methods , staining methods , cultivation) ; examination of enterobiosis according to Graham , the determination of worms and other ectoparasites . Immunosuppressed persons are tested for Cryptosporidium sp. (live cell microscopy, concentration method and staining).


Detailed informations, addresses, telephone contacts for laboratory staff are listed in the List of Laboratories


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