Laboratory of sterility


We check the sterility of blood products for many transfusion departments in the Czech Republic, we own SIDC certificate. We further check the sterility of all products manufactured in hospital pharmacy (infusion solutions, magistraliter products and other). The lab controls microbial contamination of pharmaceutical and other products that are not strictly required for the sterility (according to the current edition of the Czech Pharmacopoeia is allowed the presence of some microorganisms in limited quantities). We check the efficiency of hospital sterilizers according to hospital hygienist schedule. We control the microbial colonization of the staff in the ICU and ARO VFN (nose, throat, skin, hands). The laboratory of sterility thus helps to prevent and control of nosocomial infections. (Cooperation with hospital hygienist, with hospital pharmacy and with transfusion department.)


Detailed information's, addresses, telephone contacts for laboratory staff are listed in the List of Laboratories

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