ATB centre


Focus : Examination of the sensitivity of bacteria , yeasts and fungi qualitatively (disc diffusion method) and quantitatively (determination of MIC by dilution micromethod and semiquantitative method - E - test), surveys of broad-spectrum betalactamases , including ESBL, screening of resistance to oxacillin and glycopeptides in enterococci and staphylococci (MRSA and VRE ), monitoring of other serious resistance phenotypes , consultation of antibiotic and antifungal therapy by phone or bedside , the release of bound antibiotics, active cooperation with the hospital pharmacy and health officer, the annual processing of reports for resistance for each of the clinics and for the hospital as whole , participation in hospital commission for nosocomial infections , monitoring of bacterial resistance observed for overviews in CR (NRL for antibiotics, SZU ) and the EU (EARSS ), testing of new antibiotics.


Detailed informations, addresses, telephone contacts for laboratory staff are listed in the List of laboratories.

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