Central Haematology Laboratory


Central haematological laboratories are the largest scale of haematological laboratories in the Czech Republic. Haematological laboratory diagnostics covers the entire spectrum of morphological, coagulation and molecular genetic testing and immunophenotyping that are needed for the field of clinical hematology and other clinical disciplines in the University Hospital. External quality control is verified by laboratory tests at the Institute INSTAND, Germany, valid for the entire EU. Laboratory tests on the latest new devices, usually with full automation.

Number of total laboratory tests in 2011 was 832,853 per year( coagulation tests 419,144, immunophenotyping with FACS 80,370, morphology tests 269 071. CHL is also involved in the education of doctoral, master's and bachelor's studies in 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. There were solved several grant studies and in particular research plan: Diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders. The Central hematologic laboratory also included Reference laboratory for automation in hematology of Ministry of Health for Czech Republic. Central laboratories are equipped with hematologic analyzers UniCel DxH 800 Beckman Coulter, Sysmex XE5000, coagulation analyzers BCS XP Siemens, Sysmex CA 7000 Siemens, ACL TOP companies Instrumentation Laboratory and analysers for examination of primary hemostasis.


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