Outpatients´ Department of Clinical and Reproductive Immunology

Outpatients´ Department of Clinical and Reproductive Immunology is situated in Outpatient Health Center of General University Hospital - entrance A, 3rd floor, room No 334.

Department is designed to the diagnostics, prevention and treatment of immunopathological disorders, such as immunodeficiencies, organ-specific and systemic autoimmune diseases and allergies. Particular attention is paid to:
  • Immunological aspects of infertility and recurrent miscarriages.
    In the western world, infertility affects every sixth couple. Besides of anatomical, hormonal, infectious or genetic causes of infertility, immunopathology must be considered as a possible cause, including chronic urogenitary inflammation, autoimmune diseases affecting both mother and fetus, or allergies.
  • Immunological parameters in inflammatory bowel diseases.
We are in a contractual relationship with all health insurance companies operating in the Czech Republic.
The appointment can be made by e-mail, phone, or personally.
For the first examination, a request form from the GP other specialist is necessary.
We treat only adults.