Frequently asked questions

1. How do I find your laboratory?
Our facility is a part of the Health center/Hospital at Charles square 32, Prague.
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2. What is the interpretation of specific IgE testing?
Specific IgE levels are expressed semiquantitatively in RAST classes as well as quantitatively in kU/ml. The following table shows the relationship between these two parameters.

Specific IgE, kU/ml

RAST class

Clinical expression of IgE level

< 0,35 IU/ml

RAST class 0


0,35–0,70 IU/ml

RAST class 1


0,70–3,50 IU/ml

RAST class 2


3,50–17,5 IU/ml

RAST class 3


17,5–50,0 IU/ml

RAST class 4


50,0–100 IU/ml

RAST class 5

very high

> 100 IU/ml

RAST class 6

very high

3. Do you perform test for specific IgE’s that are not listed on your request form?
Yes, we do. See enclosed document.
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